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Dr. Battery Clinic is the one stop shop solution for battery regeneration and battery services.

Our high-frequency pulse technology is one of the most advanced methods to remove sulphate crystals from the batteries and prolong the life of the batteries without damaging the cells.


Battery Regeneration


Our advanced lead-acid battery regeneration technology can extend the life span of your batteries, and offers an economical and eco-friendly solution to this everlasting necessity.

Dr. Battery Clinic uses the most advanced lead-acid battery regeneration technology to revive your old batteries to their maximum capacity.

Why Choose

Dr. Battery Clinic?

Battery regeneration is a procedure that returns a sulphate battery to its normal working condition. When sulfate crystals accumulate on the lead-acid battery, it generates the sulfate on the grid inside the cell. This lowers the cell functions and as a result, the battery capacity decreases gradually.

Dr. Battery Clinic regenerators are high-tech machines that can restore a battery's capacity wasted due to sulphation, into a new battery’s capacity. Our regeneration service could extend the life of the batteries up to 2-3 times longer.

A Greener World with

Dr. Battery Clinic

Our breakthrough technology contributes to cost savings in battery purchases, aids in reduction of global warming and helps solve the problems of energy crisis & environmental pollution in the world.

The pollution created by manufacturers or processors of lead-acid batteries is extremely hazardous. This pollution can be minimized by regeneration of batteries, the value of which cannot be fully comprehended yet, but it immensely benefits us and the environment in the present generation as well as in future generations. This, in turn, brings about well-being to the environment and mankind. Our service is economical and eco-friendly. Together, let us reduce toxic waste and protect our planet for years to come.

Protect Our Planet. Regenerate Your Batteries.

About Dr. Battery Clinic

Dr. Battery Clinic is the first of its kind and the most effective and advanced battery regenerator in the industry. At Dr. Battery Clinic, we work with you to optimize your battery regeneration needs. Dr. Battery Clinic provides a fitting answer to all your battery regeneration needs.

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